What Is The Area Of Parallelogram Rstu

What Is The Area Of Parallelogram Rstu. Video answer:during the question we have a parallelogram. R rstu is a parallelogram.

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The area of the shaded section is 63 square units. 21 square units 24 square units 28 square units 32 square units. Parallelogram 1 has a surface area that is 4 square units larger than parallelogram 2, which is a positive difference.

.Jpg Rstu Is A Parallelogram.

Answer what is the relationship between the areas of the parallelograms? (z+w)(y+x) a)the quantity in column a is greater. Show all steps of your work, and refer to any properties of.

Which Expression Can Be Subtracted From The Area Of The Rectangle To Find The Area Of Parallelogram Rstu?

21 square units 24 square units 28 square units 32 square units. Rstu is a parallelogram and su is a diagonal of the parallelogram. B*h so use the distance formula to calculate the space between each point then find the height by drawing a perpendicular line and use pythagoreans therum.

21 Square Units 24 Square Units 28 Square Units 32 Square Units.

How is the area of the parallelogram related to the area of a triangle with the same base and height? So and two sides are given which is 20 and five. 2 show answers another question on mathematics.

Get The Area Of Each Triangle, Sum Them Up, And That's The Area Of The Parallelogram.

A(3, 6) d(2, 2) b(5, 6) c. #grepracticequestion rstu is a parallelogram.png rstu is a parallelogram (x)(y) a) quantity a is greater. The figures below are made out of circles, semicircles, quarter.

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A b h where b is the base h is the height and means. B)the quantity in column b is greater. 24 square units 26 square units 32 square units 38 square units.